October 30, 2007

Steve Jobs the Fascist

I hope you don't want 3 iPhones or (dare I say it) plan on using cash.  Apple has categorically stated that you can only buy two iPhones (ostensibly to thwart hacking) and they won't accept cash or Apple gift cards either (also supposedly to thwart hacking).

Steve Jobs Hitler

Jobs has always had this love/hate relationship with his customers.  Oh, I'm sure he'd say he loves them.  But he doesn't treat them with love.  He's like a king and everyone are his subjects.  He's benevolent, but he's also a control freak.

Let me pause by saying that Steve Jobs is completely brilliant.  While Bill Gates is merely shrewd, Jobs has vision that most entrepreneurs wished they had.  All one has to do is look at what the Mac has done for desktop publishing or the iPod to recognize that.  And now back to the show...

One of the reasons for the lack of overwhelming adoption of the Apple platform has been Jobs' rigid control of the platform in every way possible.  His animosity toward hackers (in the true sense of the word, not the hacking/phreaking that he and Woz used to do) has held the Mac back in so many ways.  Take games, for example.  It's the bleeding-edge hacking at the hardware and operating systems that have allowed many games to push the performance envelope on the PC's.  Apples don't have that freedom because they lack freedom to go beyond the rigid controls of Apple on the hardware and the software. 

The other deleterious effect of his dictatorial marketing and product development style is the penchant he has for exclusivity.  He hates giving people options.  As I said, he's like a king.  He knows what's best for you and because he's a genius (which he genuinely is) you should be grateful that he is telling you what you should have. 

The iPods really took exclusivity to heart.  If you want to use an iPod, you need to use iTunes.  Would you like to pay $15 a month (like I do on my Zune) and get as much music as you want for your 3 PCs and 2 MP3 players?  You can't do it on an iPod.  So you can use Apple's subscription service, right?  Right?  Wrong.  Apple doesn't have one, because the Fuhrer* has said that individually purchased songs is the way to go.

The concept that is being lost here is that of freedom.  This country was founded on the ideas of freedom and liberty and "get out of my business".  Over 200 years later and we've got corporations telling us left and right what we can and can't do with the things they sell us.  Verizon wants to charge me almost $3 for 30 seconds of a song that I have already purchased on CD so that I can have the portion of the song that they choose to use as a ring tone.  Unless you know how to go around it, you can only use certain phones on certain carriers, because they made that decision.  The iPod requires that you use iTunes and my Zune requires that I use the Zune software.  My satellite dish requires that I use their DVR, even if I wanted to use Tivo.  My insurance company requires that I buy all of my prescriptions through them

We like freedom and we like choices.  I'm frankly sick and tired of being told that my choices are "everything behind door number 1" or "everything behind door number 2".  That's what you get with Apple and that's why I'll never own an iPod and I'll never own an iPhone.  I don't need Jobs to tell me what I need or want.    I find it ironic that in the Apple versus Microsoft debate, Apple's supposedly the crusading underdog and Microsoft is the "Borg" seeing to control your life when it's Microsoft and their products which give people genuine choices and Apple does not.

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*yeah, I know I spelled it wrong, but I don't have time to figure out how to do an umlaut in WLW.  I'm an American.  Sue me.

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